This Girl was Accidentally Added to her Mom’s Sext Chat & It’s Absolutely Hilarious

If there’s one thing I could live without knowing, it’s the details of my parents’ sex lives. With that being said, I still cannot seem to escape the “you were conceived around this time!” story every Christmas. It’s cringeworthy every single time it’s mentioned. So I can’t imagine the mental pain this girl went through after she was accidentally added to her mother’s sexting convo.

Sure, as an outsider this is absolutely hilarious. I mean, reading what your mom and her “special friend” finds sexy is comedic gold when you’re not the person experiencing the horror. When you’re in the middle of it though, things aren’t as rosy. However, we’re impressed that this girl got through more than 30 texts without announcing her presence.

Here’s the full convo:

Oh. My. God. I cannot. We’re happy it ended there. There’s only so much bad grammar and “hubba hubba” talk we can take in one group chat.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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