This Self-Proclaimed Teenage Psychopath Slit Her Brother’s Girlfriend’s Throat in Hopes of Making Her First Kill

Kali Bookey of New Richmond, Wisconsin, was charged as an adult with attempted first-degree intentional homicide Thursday after she slit her brother’s girlfriend’s throat. The 14-year-old is a self-proclaimed psychopath was allegedly looking for “her first kill” and targeted her brother’s girlfriend in the process. She is currently being held without bond at a juvenile detention center.

According to the Daily Mail, a criminal complaint filed Thursday says police were called to an area north of New Richmond around 9:30am. Upon arrival, they encountered Bookey, who told them two men wearing ski masks and armed with knives assaulted her while riding her bike. To get them away, she allegedly told the attackers there was a girl nearby home alone. Police then went to the girl’s home and found the 15-year-old victim, who turned out to be Bookey’s brother’s girlfriend. She was bleeding from her face and neck, and yelling for them to get an ambulance.

Despite the 14-year-old’s initial story, Bookey actually snuck into the girl’s home through an unlocked sliding glass door while the girl was sleeping. Initially she tried to suffocate her while wearing rubber gloves, then hit her 20-30 times. Eventually she cut her with a piece of glass from a broken bowl.

Then things got really disturbing.

From the Daily Mail,

Near the end of the attack, Bookey reportedly asked the girl if she wanted to ‘die right now’ or ‘bleed out’. The victim chose bleed out and Bookey stopped cutting her.

Bookey then revealed her plans to the victim, saying she had planned the attack for the past week and a half, biking past the home for several days to make a note of when people came and went.

She allegedly referred to herself as ‘a psychopath and that (the victim) was her first kill and she was probably going to kill again’.

As she was leaving, Bookey told the victim to ‘have a nice afterlife’.

Bookey eventually dropped the men in ski hats story and copped to the attack, saying she had grown to hate the victim for how happy she made her brother.

Bookey added that she never intended to kill the victim, she just wanted to scare her enough so that she moved away; Bookey felt that her brother was distant since the two started dating.

The victim is now being treated at a nearby hospital for “very serious” injuries.

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