People Are Now Naming Their Babies After Pokemon

Babycenter, a parenting website that tracks the popularity of baby names, said that there has been a spike in Pokemon-ish names ever since the release of the app, Pokemon Go, earlier this month.

We’re seriously an embarrassing species, guys. And I like Pokemon.

One of the biggest spikes that they have seen this year has been Eevee, which is classified as a girl’s name on the website. The name has moved up 1,343 spots on the lists from the previous year, which makes it the 2,910th most popular name to give to your baby girl this year.

Another one of the gigantic name jumps was Onyx. For girls, the name moved up 2,173 places whereas for boys, the name moved up 4,400 spaces. The name did not place last year, shockingly.

Seriously guys, out of all the Pokemon you could have chosen, you chose Onyx?! I would be so offended if I knew my parents named me after a chain of boulder with a face.

Buzzfeed mentions that Star (like Staryu) and Ivy (like Ivysaur) also saw big jumps following the release of the game. However, the Pokemon names themselves were not present on the website.

Other Pokemon names that were not present on the website were Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle, which is frankly disappointing.

I really can’t believe we live in a world where human children are being named after a Pokemon. The universe never fails to amaze me with its incredible nerdiness.

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