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There’s a Major Issue With The Magnificent 7 Story in ‘Sports Illustrated’

The recent issue of Sports Illustrated is catching readers up with former Olympians like the 1996 U.S. olympic gymnastic team, also known as the Magnificent Seven. Things were off to a good start, particularly in the features of male athletes like Billy Blanks and Ken Griffey Jr., but a Refinery29 editor pointed out a major issue with the magazine’s story on the seven female gymnasts.

The page that features the athletically-accomplished women list their main accomplishments over the last 20 years, however each blurb starts out with same information: who they married. Check out the full spread:


Wow. Considering these women have gone on to be doctors, work for the Justice Department, and even survive cancer, you’d think the number one accomplishment would be anything but who they walked down the aisle towards. Who cares if they’re married or not? Why would that even be spotlighted and WTF does that have to do with what they’ve accomplished over the last 20 years? R29 editor Brittnee Cann clearly agrees.


What a fail. Hopefully the same mistake doesn’t show back up twenty years from now. If we haven’t progressed by then, we’re goners.

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