Zendaya Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Zendaya Dating Right Now?

Zendaya is one of the few Disney Channel stars to be taken seriously while still being considered a part of the TV channel. She’s more than an actress on a tween television series. She’s a fashion guru, a shoe designer and a 19-year-old who knows what’s going on in the world and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. So, of course, this woman has no trouble catching the attention of the men around her.

From her role on Shake It Up to her appearance in the “Bad Blood” music video to the red carpet, Zendaya always manages to look cool, calm and collected. She seems to be that way about her dating life too because her relationship status has always been able to stay on the down low. However, there is some evidence to be uncovered about Zendaya’s love life. Here’s the breakdown of Zendaya’s past and current relationship status.

Adam Irigoyen 2010 – 2012

Adam Irigoyen dates Zendaya


This relationship was her first rumored fling. If it’s true, it must’ve been puppy love since Zendaya was 13 years old and Irigoyen was 12 years old when they apparently started dating. Rumors go on to say that the relationship lasted two years. It is possible that the Shake It Up co-stars had a little romance going on. However, it’s more likely that the fans were the ones keeping this rumor alive, hoping their favorite characters would end up together.

Trevor Jackson 2012 – 2016

Trevor Jackson dates Zendaya


This relationship is a little more difficult to analyze than the rest. Over the years, the two have been seen gloating about how close they are, yet Zendaya has managed to keep the official status of the relationship hush. However, there have been some big signs along the way with these two. From Zendaya’s appearance in Jackson’s 2013 music video “Like We Grown” to golf lessons together, the evidence is debatable. Teen.com was able to receive a little bit of word on the potential for a relationship with Zendaya, and what he had to say made us raise our eyebrows. “If it happens, it happens,” says Jackson. So perhaps we’ll see this relationship confirmed in the near future.

Spencer Boldman 2014

Spencer Boldman dating Zendaya


Those Disney Channel fans must really be rooting for Zendaya to end up with one of her co-stars. After the two shared a kiss in the cute Disney Channel movie Zapped, the rumors began to spiral.  In an interview with she knows, the actor confirmed that he and Zendaya have known each other for a long time even before the film, so perhaps there is a hidden chemistry off the set. Even if this relationship was real, it was short-lived, starting and ending in 2014.

Odell Beckam, Jr.  2016

Amidst the rumors about Zendaya and Trevor Jackson, there also buzz in regard to Odell Beckam Jr. and the actress as well. TMZ confirmed seeing Zendaya leave a Grammy’s after party with the NFL player. However, when reporters asked if they were dating, Zendaya’s dad jumped in quickly saying, “It’s an audition!” So, perhaps the relationship is still pending approval from Zendaya’s father. Still, the athlete was seen by her side throughout the night, including doing the gentlemanly act of opening doors for her. Rumors still float around, but yet again nothing is confirmed.

Perhaps it makes sense that her dating life hasn’t been completely exploited yet since she’s only 19, but that isn’t likely to last forever. The star is still gaining momentum in her career, which will only draw more attention to her personal life. Although she’s managed to go years without a confirmed relationship, fans are sure to get more details on her love life in the future.

Tom Holland 2018

Zendaya Tom Holland

Oscar Gonzalez/WENN.com

For almost one year Zendaya Coleman has been dating the current Spiderman Tom Holland and setting relationship goals.


Zendaya is rumored to be dating Tom Holland but neither Tom nor Zendaya have confirmed the relationship.

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