Custom Facials are the Next Big Beauty Trend and We Love Them

From South Korean sheet masks to 100 layers of foundation, there is always some new (or crazy) trend making waves in the beauty world. Well, we’re here to call the next one and it’s happening right now in New York City.

Skin-care bars, offering quick, convenient and highly customized facials have been popping up all over NYC in the last few months and we’ve definitely taken notice. In fact, we tried one out for ourselves! Featured on this past May, Silver Mirror Facial Bar is just one of many such “skin-maintenance shops” to pop up in the last few months. I knew I had to try it for myself after reading Monica Kim’s glowing review of the experience: “Within an hour, my complexion is clear, lifted, lit from within—and it lasts all week.” Sign me up!

So this past Friday I trekked over to the Upper East Side, on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 65th Street, in search of some clarity (for my skin, that is). I was warmly greeted by the receptionist and offered a glass of chilled watermelon juice, feeling relaxed already. My aesthetician, who had flawless skin by the way (always a good sign), walked me over to my semi-private station to get settled. Yes, definitely relaxed now. My Acne-Fighting Facial ($130) came with a bevy of treatments including a purifying cleanse, extractions (not too uncomfortable), blue LED therapy, an oxygen blast and a slew of other high-tech therapies. Like Monica Kim, I left feeling absolutely rejuvenated, not to mention my skin looked and felt great. For those of you on a tight schedule (Silver Moon is conveniently open 7 days a week!), however, you can try out the reasonably priced Signature Facial ($75) and be in and out in less than 30 minutes.

There a few other facial bars scattered throughout the city, including Heyday and Eve Salon. But if you’re not located in NYC and are craving an easy, breezy custom facial (I’m talking to you Covergirl) I would definitely keep an eye out for new skin-care bars in your city. This trend is definitely on the rise and sure to make its way throughout the country.

Silver Mirror Facial Bar

862 Lexington Avenue, New York


1130 Broadway, New York

Eve Salon

55 West 8th Street, New York