5 Stages of a Long Distance Relationship No One Tells You About

Long distance relationships can really be a shock to your system, particularly if your relationship didn’t start out that way. You’re forced to confront very strong and serious emotions, feelings such as envy or insecurity. However, a long distance relationship, otherwise known as an LDR, will be the most rewarding relationship you’ve ever had. The person on the other end of the phone is worth the time zone difference, and seeing your significant other is worth every penny spent to see them and minute without them. Of course, every relationship has certain stages and milestones.

Here are the 5 stages of being in a long distance relationship no one tells you about.

The Honeymoon Period

If this is your first time in a long distance relationship, at first you’ll find yourself thinking, “This is easy!” You can text all the time (time zone permitting) and you Skype as often as possible. This is the honeymoon stage of the long distance relationship, where everything seems manageable. The distance hasn’t hit you quite yet, as you still have fond memories playing in your head, and the promise of seeing them again is keeping you calm through the night.


It’s 2 A.M., and you can’t sleep. Your partner is far away from you, and it’s hitting you now that suddenly you can’t kiss them goodnight at the end of the date. Instead of dinner and walks through the park, your dates are through a computer or phone screen. All of a sudden, this is scary and a bit overwhelming. Not to worry, this is one of the toughest stages, and it passes. Soon, you’ll feel more secure about this, and realize that miles don’t matter.


Every female friend he mentions seems like a threat. By this stage, the panic has subsided and has been replaced by jealousy and envy. Say your long distance partner goes out to a club with his friends. This is terrifying and unknown territory. It’s not that you don’t trust your partner, it’s just frightening and can cause some vulnerability at first. Long distance relationships require a great deal of trust, and it’s important to establish boundaries with your partner early while you’re ahead of the game. This is the toughest stage of any LDR, and not to worry, it doesn’t stick around long.

Comfort and Routine

This stage of your relationship will give you the most peace of mind. You and your significant other will soon enough fall into a comfortable routine. You’ll learn each other’s schedules, when the best time to talk is and how to navigate any potential time zones and hiccups. This is great! You’ve weathered through the tough early stages of a long distance relationship, and you’re on your way to long-term success.

Seeing Them In Person (For the First Time in a While)

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the first meet up since you began your LDR. This is a completely wonderful, exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You made it to the best part of this relationship- that time with them that you’ve spent so long waiting for. Relax, and don’t put too much pressure on making your time together perfect. Things will fall into place. As soon as you see them, you’ll remember why they’re worth the wait.

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