Daredevil’s Performance On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Goes Horribly Wrong

You never know what will happen on America’s Got Talent and last night’s live show proved exactly that.

Ryan Stock and his partner, Amberlynn Walker, took the AGT stage with a multitude of props for Stock to swallow. The performance was going as planned for the team up until the final stunt, which left the judges and the audience completely horrified.

Stock swallowed the base of a lamp with a target on the end as Amberlynn waited on the opposite end of the stage aiming a flaming arrow. After releasing the arrow, it missed the target and hit Stock directly in the neck. The daredevil took the target out of his mouth and tried to fan away the flames.

The judges could not even critique the performance and instead, they insisted Stock seek medical attention. Stock assured everyone that he was fine and did not seek any medical treatment.

Stock took to twitter to assure his fans that he was alright and was relieved he able to walk away from the situation.

Even though the performance shook many people, some seemed to love the daredevil and his near death experience.

If you missed the horrifying act that took place, here it is.