Top 10 Gifts To Send To Your Significant Other In A Long Distance Relationship

It’s absolutely no secret that long-distance relationships can be tough on both parties, as at times the distance can seem like a lot. However, everyone appreciates a small gift in the mail or just something adorable that says, “I’m thinking of you.” That said, it can be tough to figure out the perfect present for your significant other, particularly when they’re thousands of miles away.

What are the best gifts to send to your long-distance partner? Here are some ideas for you and your long distance partner that’ll keep you close, no matter how far you are, and will let them know how much you care.

Letters for Every Occasion

love letters gifts

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This might take a bit of time, but write a letter for every occasion and send it to your S/O in a small box. Address on the envelope, “for when you’re feeling sad” or “for when you’ve had a great day” and even personalize a detailed note. Your partner will love that you’ve thought of everything!


Scrapbook gift

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When my boyfriend and I began our time in a long distance relationship, the first thing I did was make him a small book of some positive memories with photos and words. He was over the moon with how much he loved the surprise! It doesn’t have to be detailed and extravagant, but a few pictures and a short message really goes a long way.

A Jar of Memories

Mason Jar gift

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This is a great pick-me-up for when your partner is having an off day and needs a reminder of the good times you’ve had. Fill a small jar with scraps of paper written with a few of your
favorite memories. They can be silly, like “remember that time you made me laugh so hard that milk came out my nose?” or they can be heartfelt like, “the time we held hands and watched the sunset together.”

Share a Journal Back and Forth

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This is a great idea for some deep and thought-provoking conversation. Buy a pretty journal and write some thoughts about how much you miss your partner. Send it back and forth in the mail, and see where the conversation takes you.

Customized Pillow Case

custom pillow case gift

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With a customized pillow case, your partner can go to sleep thinking of you every night. Many websites will make a customized map of the distance between you and your partner, and a pillow to snuggle is a solid substitute for when you can’t cuddle in person.

Coupon Book

coupon book gift

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This is a thoughtful present for birthdays and holidays, or when you know you’re seeing you’re significant other soon. Make a coupon book of sweet things you’ll do for him and things you’ll do when you’re together. It can be as simple as making him breakfast in bed or a promise to watch his favorite movie together.

Quote Mugs

Coffee mug gift

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With an adorable personalized mug, your boyfriend will think of you as he has his morning coffee every day! Your quote can be something funny said between the two of you or something heartfelt like your favorite quote about long-distance relationships.

A Shirt of Your Own

Shirt gift

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This is a classic gift for when you need their smell or something that reminds you of them to cuddle with at night. Lots of couples exchange shirts, for something to sleep in or something to wrap your pillow in. It smells like your partner, and will be something you grow to treasure on lonely days.

Edible Arrangement

Edible Arrangement

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Sweeter (literally) than flowers, an edible arrangement is a cute way to let your partner know you’re thinking of them. A chocolate covered strawberry is a delicious thing to receive at your door.

Name a Star After Them

Couple gift giving

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If you’re looking for something super romantic, what beats a star named after your long distance love? Send them the certificate in the mail, and wait for the text or call about how much they love you and appreciate you.

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