25 Kanye West Lyrics That Are Perfect For Your Next Instagram Caption

Kanye West is not exactly known for his humility. In fact, the rapper tends to instead be more renowned for his neverending confidence (or cockiness, depending on who you ask) and that unfaltering confidence is the one thing that any great selfie needs to convey. Thinking of a caption to capture the right attitude can be tough, but if there’s one person to turn to for attitude it’s definitely Kanye West.

West is not humble because, quite frankly, his abilities are amazing. Humility is not a necessity in the scope of his talent. West’s writing abilities are impressive and he is very much revered for his skills in music, particularly lyrically. After multiple awards and rave reviews with every album, as well as his own shameless self-promotion, it’s obvious that Kanye West is not at a loss for talent. His lyrics are bold and clever, perfect for a short but effective Insta caption.

West is also a major fashion devotee. Reality TV fans will remember the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in which he raided his current wife Kim Kardashian‘s closet to give her a makeover. Fashion fans will know how hard it is to get your hands on his signature Yeezy sneakers, which are oft-copied and can be purchased on Ebay for thousands of dollars. West not only has the attitude, he has the aesthetics and style.

That all being said, Kanye West will admit he’s not exactly a major selfie lover. In interviews, he has said he doesn’t love being photographed and he is known for lashing out at the paparazzi for taking too many photos. So, for selfie tips, consult West’s wife. For Instagram captions, keep reading. These are 25 Kanye West lyrics that are perfect for the caption of your next selfie.

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