Harry Styles Has Been Left Out Of The Dunkirk Trailer And Fans Are Pissed

Rumors about a Dunkirk teaser trailer appearing before the Suicide Squad premiere were confirmed to be totally true at midnight on August 4. Fans of Harry Styles, who stars in the World War II flick, have been completely abuzz waiting to get a glimpse of what he’s like on the silver screen.

The teaser was everything we can expect from a Christopher Nolan film: gripping, exciting and totally gritty.

However, there is one thing noticeably missing from the teaser: heartthrob Harry Styles. Fans were visibly upset about this on Twitter.


Co-star Nick Grimshaw spoke out about the fans’ reaction, “I think the biggest challenge to date is gonna be the wrath of Harry Styles’ fans on Twitter… If he doesn’t put him in enough, or puts him in too much, or there’s a bad angle, he might never be able to work again. Nolan’s life won’t be worth living.”

What can we expect from Dunkirk? The film is about the evacuation of Dunkirk soldiers in France during World War II. The good news is Styles’ character is confirmed to live until the end of the film, so his fans can rest easy. Dunkirk is slated to premiere July 19, 2017.

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