Single People Spend More Money And Drink More Alcohol Than Those In Relationships

If you’re ever feeling sad about being single. Stop. Stop right there. Being single is fantastic. You can do whatever and whoever you want and don’t have to feel bad about being selfish. If you want to move, go right ahead! If you want to go out to the bars, go for it! You’re in control.

Yet apparently, there’s also a downside to being single…You spend a sh*t ton of money and drink a sh*t ton of alcohol. Why am I not surprised?

A new poll surveyed over 2,000 British people ages 18-30 and found that the average single person in London spends roughly $7,580 more per year than those in relationships.

NEARLY $8,000?! WTF, everyone. That’s like multiple vacations and about a billion iced coffees. (Math has never been my strong suit). In other words, it looks a whole lot like this:

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

The study determined that single people spend more money on takeout food, restaurants, and nights out, which makes sense. Singles are also dishing out way more for clothes, makeup, pre-gaming drinks, etc. Oh, and they drink three times more than those in relationships. So while you’re single self is spending $59 per week on booze, the lovebirds next to you at the liquor store spend just $22.

On second thought, maybe being single isn’t so fantastic.


Just kidding. Time to text my booty call.

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