Dozens Injured As Railing Collapses At Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Concert

Concert Crowd


Oh no! NBC News reported that more than 40 peoples were injured (one with “critical injuries”) this past Friday night after a guard railing collapsed at a Snoop Dogg concert in Camden, New Jersey. Snoop was performing on the small stage with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa when the railing broke, causing nearly 100 fans to tumble several feet to the concrete below. Following the collapse of the railing, concertgoer Katie Colbridge reported to NBC News that the scene was utter mayhem:

“People started piling on each other and people just started running. All you see were tears going down their face. You could see friends holding onto each other, like clenching, like making sure that all their people were there. The announcers came on the speakers and were like, ‘Everyone just remain calm, we’re figuring out what happened.'”

So terrifying! Snoop and Wiz were quickly escorted off the stage by their security team just moments after the collapse occurred and the concert was ultimately canceled. Live Nation, the concert organizer, made a statement soon after the incident:

“Live Nation is closely following the recovery of the injured fans and employees as well as actively working with authorities and structural engineers to determine the cause of the collapse.”

For now there is a temporary guard rail in place, but we think the venue needs to figure out exactly why and how this occurred before allowing any further performances. You can watch the chaotic video below.



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