Yankees All-Star Alex Rodriguez Is Officially Retired

Yankees fans received a huge shock when Alex Rodriguez announced his retirement from baseball in a press conference that took place at Yankee Stadium this morning. A-Rod, who has attained an almost celebrity status after nine years on the iconic New York team, got super emotional and teary-eyed during the press conference.

“This is a tough day. I love this game and I love this team, and today I’m saying goodbye to both,” said Rodriguez, choking back tears. “This is also a proud day. I was 18 when I broke into the big leagues. I never thought I could play for 22 years. At 18, I just wanted to make the team.” Rodriguez won’t be leaving the organization entirely, however, and will soon be working with the next generation of Yankee players as a special adviser. Managing general partner of the organization, Hal Steinbrenner, explained the reasoning behind A-Rod’s new role:

“We have an exciting group of talented young players at every level of our system. Our job as an organization is to utilize every resource possible to allow them to reach their potential, and I expect Alex to directly contribute to their growth and success.¬†Alex has already proven to be a willing and effective mentor to many players who have come through our clubhouse, and I am confident that this next phase of his baseball life will bring out the best in Alex and the next generation of Yankees.”

A-Rod will still receive the cool $27 million owed to him as part of his 10-year contract, so we doubt he’ll be crying for too long. He will play his final game this Friday at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. We’re sure those tickets are going to sell out quickly! Check out the highlights from this morning’s press conference below.

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