Victoria’s Secret Posted a Major Photoshop Fail on Instagram & Commenters are Calling Them Out on It

It’s no surprise that big name companies photoshop their models, regardless of their natural perfection. So when we found out that Victoria’s Secret was at the root of yet another photoshop controversy, we can’t say we were taken aback. But it’s upsetting nonetheless, especially when it’s so blatantly obvious.

In a photo posted last week on Instagram, Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell can be seen posing side-by-side in lingerie and their signature coy pout. At a quick glance, the photo looks relatively normal, but social media users were quick to point out a glaring flaw.

Here’s the photo:

So what’s going on? Many stated that Hunt’s right arm is unnaturally smoothed out, while her left elbow is freakishly long, as it can be seen sticking out from behind Maxwell’s back. Can weird angles and bizarre lighting really be to blame for this one? Or did someone just royally f*ck up? We’re going with the latter, and so is everyone on social media.

“Loving the Photoshop on the left,” one commenter wrote. “The Photoshopping on the arm of the girl on the left is concerning,” another person wrote on Facebook. “Did anyone actually look at this photo before it was published?”

Neither model has commented on the photo, but based on Hunt’s other social photos, which clearly depict her killer arms, something is definitely up.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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