This Woman Gave Her Boyfriend 10 Hilarious (And Kind of Insane) Rules to Follow Before Going on an All-Guys Trip

When it comes to couples, traveling alone can be hard. You don’t know what they’re doing or who they’re doing it with, and the chances of getting that “good morning beautiful” text is rare when your SO was up partying until 5am. For many, it can cause insecurities to surface and petty fights to breakout over sporadic texts, but not for Whitney Travers. She’s found a solution to that problem.

The Scottish woman crafted a hilarious 10-step rule book for her boyfriend Kieran Lumsden before he jetted off to Magaluf, Spain on an all-boys trip. Don’t let the colorful markers and glitter fool you — this chick means business.

Kieran tweeted the rule book out early last week. “Whitneys took psychoness to a new level,” he wrote.

Kieran Lumsden Twitter

With rules like, “No girls whatsoever. Don’t look. Don’t talk. Do not touch!!!!!! (Cheat and I will destroy everything Celtic, I will also make your life a living hell. Kim will be told too.)” and “Do not follow girls on social media,” Travers is clearly not someone to f*ck with. Here’s the full set of rules:

……yeah. Listen, we get it. We’ve all been there! And yes, these thoughts have all gone through our head, we just never wrote them down in glitter for all of the internet to see. It doesn’t mean you’re a crazy lunatic, right? RIGHT?!

Tweeters seem divided.

“She’s lucky she’s no [sic] single after tae [sic] to be honest,” one male Twitter user wrote. “She’s got you wrapped up,” another chimed in. Women, on the other hand, totally understood where she was coming from. “Why didn’t I think of that?” one wrote.

TBH, that’s exactly what I was thinking. What you do on vacation doesn’t stay on vacation, and sometimes you need a friendly reminder. Watch your back, boy.

Would you ever do this? Sound off in the comments below.

[H/T: The Daily Mail]

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