Fans Have an Interesting Theory About Eleven From ‘Stranger Things’ But We’re Not Buying It

If you have yet to watch Netflix‘s new series Stranger Things, stop reading this and go watch it. It’s f*cking amazing. Between the return of Winona Ryder, the ’80s nostalgia, and an enticing convoluted plot line, Stranger Things is easily the best show of the summer, if not the year. So again, if you haven’t watched it yet, get on it! And stop reading.

Now onto some ~*~*~*~*~spoilers~*~*~*~*~

One of the remaining mysteries at the end of the show is WTF happened to Eleven. I mean, obviously she’s alive, right? Hopper was seen leaving a waffle in the woods, and if we learned anything from this show, it’s that this chick can house a ton of Eggo Waffles. But fans have taken that scene (among others) a step further to declare a major unresolved plot point: Eleven is actually Hopper’s daughter.

I'm on episode 2 of Stranger Things and I'm 99% sure that Eleven is Hopper's daughter

— suz (@suzannevoas) August 8, 2016

Is Eleven Chief Hopper's daughter? Cause like that would be cool #strangerthings

— takemetothetheatre (@agennarelli) August 7, 2016

#StrangerThings Theory 1: Eleven is Hoppers daughter

— 🎄clarissa🎄 (@clarmartlina) July 19, 2016

Eleven isn't dead. She ate the waffles. Hopper is a good dad.

— Kaeli Swaggerty (@KaeliSwaggerty) August 4, 2016

OK I'm thinking Eleven is Chief Hopper's daughter…..anyone else?! #StrangerThings

— J (@XoJa777) August 8, 2016

Now I have to admit, I thought this early on as well. After all, Hopper’s brooding was clearly related to the family he once had and the mysterious origin of Eleven leaves room to believe that she could be connected to the disgruntled cop. But by the end, you find out his daughter Sara died of cancer — like she literally died in front of him — and his family fell apart because of it.

I get that the creepy doctor Eleven calls papa isn’t her father, but Hopper? No. I’m not buying it. And even if he is, she’s definitely not Sara.

Also, let’s not forget that Joyce and Hopper met a woman who is presumably Eleven’s mother earlier on in the show. Remember Terry Ives? The nearly comatose woman who lost her mind after participating in a top secret CIA program that dealt with LSD testing? Her sister revealed she was pregnant during the program and says how Terry insisted the doctors took her daughter away because she had special powers. Are you really trying to tell me her and Hopper got together way back when? There’s no way.

I’m calling BS on this theory. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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