Things Got Reaaalllyyy Awkward When Taylor Lautner Was Asked About Taylor Swift

Considering Taylor Swift’s extensive dating history, you might have forgotten that her initial Hollywood romances started with Taylor Lautner. For the few who actually watched Valentine’s Day, you may also remember this adorable, poorly acted scene when the couple smooched on camera:

Touching. Since then, Swift has gone on to date literally half of Hollywood, leaving Lautner to get lost in a pile of ex-boyfriends. But true fans have always speculated that the popstar’s popular song “Back to December” was about the Twilight star, and thanks to Lea Michele, they finally know the truth.

While promoting Scream Queens yesterday, Taylor Lautner, Lea Michele, and John Stamos got together for a little chat, where Stamos points out just how popular Lautner is with the ladies. From there, Lea Michele wasted no time getting to the bottom of things.

“You dated Taylor Swift. I remember that,” she says, promptly bringing up the song “Back to December.” Lautner is immediately flustered and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. He also started out by saying that he had no idea which song was actually about him (yeah right) and kept repeating “it’s hilarious.”

Is it, though? Because you look like you’re sweating. Finally, Lautner confirmed what Swifties knew all along: “[The song is] called ‘Back to December.'” YES, SWEET VICTORY!

If you don’t have time for the full conversation, skip ahead to the nine-minute mark to watch Lautner sweat.

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