Who Are The Right Pairings On ‘Are You The One?’ These Guys Say They’ve Figured It Out

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If you have been avoiding MTV’s new millennial dating show Are You The One?, it’s time to get off your high horse. While I admit this show is utterly ridiculous, it’s also amazing low-intelligence entertainment. It’s the kind of thing you should binge watch on a rainy Sunday when you’re so hungover you can’t form words.

Essentially, there’s 10 women and 10 men put in a house in Hawaii. Their goal is to find their “perfect match,” the guy or gal who complements them based on personality tests done to determine these pairings. If all 10 couples are correctly identified, everyone gets to split $1 million (and hopefully find love while they’re at it).

To do that, every week they have a matching ceremony where the men and women pair up and the number of correct matches are shown – but who exactly is a right match up to the cast to figure out. They do get a clue each week by sending one couple to the Truth Booth, which tells them straight up if they are a match or not.

Eight episodes into the 10-episode series, the kiddos have correctly identified two perfect matches. However, they hit a road bump when they failed to produce a new match this week, producing a “blackout” and knocking $250,000 off their prize money. Ouch.

Although the cast is having trouble figuring out this puzzle, the folks at Observer think they solved it.

*Potential spoilers ahead!*

Confirmed matches:

Sam and Alyssa

Cameron and Mikala

Observer Predictions:

Morgan and Tori

Cam and Julia

Tyler and Camille

Asaf and Kaylen

John and Victoria

Stephen and Nicole

Prosper and Emma

Giovanni and Francesca

With a little bit of math and a lot of paying attention, these are who Observer predicts are the perfect matches. But will the cast figure that out in the next two episodes? Things look bleak, but every cast on the previous four seasons of the show have done it. Fingers crossed!

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