These Screenshots From The Olympics are Pretty Erotic

The Olympics is a live, televised sporting event, featuring professional athletes, not actors. While, for some, that may go without saying, it’s something that bears repeating when the inevitable ridiculous hiccup happens like Michael Phelps’ now infamous “game face.”

One of the greatest gems, however, comes to us, courtesy of the men’s Olympic diving teams.

If you’ve watched the sport, you know that one of its hallmarks, besides, the diving bit, is the speedos the competitors wear. Allegedly, these swimsuits are designed to allow a diver to move more freely than a recreational swimsuit, but they have another, entirely unintended effect.

See, since these scraps of fabric cover such a small area, when the names and scores of the divers pop up on the screen, it hides the swimsuit. The result is that everything… the camera angle, the information bar placement, the teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikinis, and the stars themselves, it all aligns perfectly to make it seem like the divers are walking around naked, something Twitter immediately seized and ran with.

Basically, it looks like you’re seeing stills from a porno.

British diver Tom Daly, in particular, is no stranger to starring in accidental porn shoots, but, this year, his fellow divers have been getting in on the action as well.

You and everyone else, Jen. But, seriously, someone should start a petition to make the Naked Olympics a thing. That would definitely boost the ratings.

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