Why We Still Love Taylor Swift, Despite All The Kimye Drama

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift has been a longtime College Candy darling. We unabashedly love so many things about the icon and we’re not shy about it. At the same time, we’ve also taken issue with some of the star’s moves, especially some of the things we’ve learned about her recently. Most notably: We were served proof that Taylor Swift did something seriously uncool to Kanye West, a man she publicly befriended after a complicated history.

Sure, Taylor Swift messed up. Kim Kardashian successfully showed us that the woman we have all aspired to be BFFs with is not quite as perfect as she’d like us to think. And while the Kimye drama revealed Taylor’s actions to be calculating, manipulative and just plain shady, we still have faith that Tay Tay will rise again. And you know what? When she does, we’ll be ready for it. Because no matter went down, there’s a lot to love about T. Swift. Here are a few of the reasons we won’t give up on her.

1.) She’s incredibly talented.

Taylor Swift

OK, so her voice isn’t the strongest but her songwriting chops are undeniable. Taylor is bubbling over with this rare ability to set stories to music.

2.) She allows herself to be vulnerable.


Taylor Swift opens her heart to her audiences. She lets us in, she gives voice to feelings we don’t often air and she is not afraid to get to the emotional heart of her struggles.

3.) She can make fun of herself.


Sure, she’s rich, famous and gorgeous but she’s also open about the fact that she’s a huge dork. How can you not be drawn in by that honesty?

4.) She’s a style icon.


Homegirl’s style is on point. Whether she’s on a Red Carpet or leaving the gym, she always looks fierce.

5.) She’s awkward AF.


You have to love those jerky, unpolished dance moves.

6.) She delivered one of the greatest Saturday Night Live monologues of all time.


See here.

7.) She’s not afraid to speak up when she believes in something.


Remember the time she went toe-to-toe with Spotify? This is a woman who fights for her beliefs – she even continued to argue her side after Kim exposed her lies on Snapchat (see: This Instagram post). We don’t always agree with her but we respect her conviction.

8.) She hustles hard.


She brings a business work ethic to the music industry. This is not someone who just sings songs. Taylor is actively involved in all aspects of her brand and while she might calculate things a bit too much, we have to give it up for her off-the-charts intelligence and drive.

9.) She is always evolving.


Taylor has come a long way since she started out in the industry. We never, ever expected the country cutie to turn into a full-on pop diva but sure enough, that’s exactly what she did. Taylor is at once very specific and very versatile. It’s a pretty amazing quality and one that always keeps us guessing.

10.) She gives back to her fans.


She calls terminally ill children, sends care packages to fans when they’re sad and makes Christmas extra special for the people who love her. We can’t forget all of the amazing things she’s done in the wake of one not-so-amazing thing.

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