8-Year-Old Lily Wrote an Amazing Letter to President Obama About Her Political Concerns

Barack Obama’s two-year term as President of the United States will soon come to an end and despite the different opinions about him, we can all admit he has made history. Even 8-year-old Lily can acknowledge this. At such a young age, Lily is aware of our country’s political climate and she has expressed her concerns by hand writing a letter to President Obama.

“Dear Mr. President, I think this country needs more spunk,” she wrote. “With all the attacks, the Zika virus, and the wars, this country is a very sad place. Please do something fun.” Lily doesn’t only ask the president to have fun but she also makes sure to give him suggestions in case he can’t think of anything.

“Wear a tie-dye shirt and shorts to something important,” Lily suggested. “Go on a water skiing trip in the Caribbean. Take your family to Disney World. Do something fun and out going.”

8-Year-Old Letter To President Obama

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The outspoken 8-year-old urged the president to “please say something that will make everyone calm.” It’s obvious Lily can feel the tension happening across our nation during this important time in politics. “You do know know how many politics worries I have,” she wrote.

Lily concludes her letter by congratulating the president and showing her support. “Congratulations on having served almost eight years as President! I am your biggest fan, too.” According to Lily’s letter, she comes from a military family and she’s deeply inspired by Obama. “My dad is in the Air Force and that inspired me to have my back up job be President,” she wrote. The ambitious young child ends her letters by encouraging the president to  “keep running the country!”

President Obama answered her letter in the best way. “Thanks for the fun letters and suggestions,” he wrote. “You seem like a great kid, and I can tell you’ve got plenty of spunk to help keep our Nation strong!”

The president made sure to acknowledge Lily’s concerns as a politically-aware American citizen and not as an 8-year-old child. His down-to-earth personality shined through in his great response. “While I don’t know how the First Lady or my daughters would feel about me wearing a tie-dye shirt in public,” he commented “I do know that one of my greatest responsibilities as President is ensuring your generation can thrive and that includes making sure you can live in safety and reach for boundless opportunity.”

Obama ends his letter by telling Lily how she inspires him and to continue working hard. “Your enthusiasm and drive give me great hope for the future, and I am confident you can achieve your highest aspirations if you put your best effort into everything you do. I expect great things from you!”

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