Blake Lively Reveals Her ‘Shallows’ Diet Secrets & They’re Totally Doable

Actress Blake Lively is now pregnant with her second child, but that shouldn’t be a problem for her career.  The 28-year-old has already proven that she knows the secret to dropping that extra baby weight.

Just eight months after giving birth to her daughter James, Lively began filming the shark thriller The Shallows, during which she spends most her screen time clad only in a bikini and looking absolutely fantastic. Lively credits everything to her unique post-baby diet.

“I did no gluten and no soy,” she revealed in a telephone interview with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on Tuesday. “Once you remove soy, you realize you’re eating no processed foods. So, that’s basically what I did. No processed foods and then working out.”

But, Lively says that it’s actually harder than you think.

“[It] seems like, ‘Oh, that’s really easy to cut that out,’ but then you realize, there’s soy in everything,” she explained. “Like, everything you eat, there is soy in it. Even if it’s healthy, Whole Foods-organic stuff, there’s always soy in it.”

Lively was still allowed to have sugar, in moderation, of course, but most of her meals were a balancing act of protein, vegetables, and soy-less carbs, usually sweet potatoes, gluten-free oatmeal or white rice.

According to Don Saladino, Lively’s personal trainer, on this diet and with a daily exercise regiment, she was able to get back in shape in two months.

“We made sure that her meals were well-balanced,” he told People. “She had a protein, a vegetable and a slow-burning carb. We tried to give her enough so that she wasn’t stuffed, but she was comfortable.”

“This is not training a fitness competitor or a model,” Saladino said. “This is about feeding a woman who’s got a child who’s got to have certain nutrients in her body. She’s got to take care of herself. She’s got to eat healthy. The way that we did it was the right way, and it wasn’t through starving her.”

Oddly enough, Lively found that the greatest temptation was on-set, particularly the craft services table. “That was the hardest part,” she admitted. “They were making these fresh muffins every morning, those jackasses. They smelled so good!”

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