iFlipd Is Here To Save You Money On Textbooks, So You Have #MoreMoneyForLife (And Pizza)

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There’s got to be an easier way.

The first few weeks of school are busy enough. Moving in, catching up with friends, adding (and dropping) classes. And when you finally nail down your class schedule, the professor hands you the required reading list. Ugh. We all know the feeling of hunting down textbooks, and even worse, dropping hundreds of dollars we’d rather spend on anything else.

Why do you use Uber and Lyft? Because they changed the way we get around with smarter technology and better rates. Well, iFlipd is doing the same for textbooks. Now you can get books on any device, with cheap rates and instant access. Picking up books for school doesn’t get easier or more affordable than this.

The genius is in the flexibility. Obviously for some classes you need a book for the entire semester. Now you have free financing by breaking up book payments into small weekly installments. But you know the classes where you have to buy a book and only use if for a two-week section? This is where you really save with iFlipd. Pick up the book for the initial assignment, flip it back after the paper or quiz. Grab it again for the mid-term, and then at the end of the term to study for the final. Now you’re only paying for those scattered weeks throughout the year when you really need the books. College students are saving around $600/year with this model!

Accounts are free and there are plenty of opportunities to earn free books with iFlipd’s point system too. Every new account gets a free weekly rental, and for every friend you invite, you get points that add up to free books and more. Since their launch in April 2016, students from more than 50 campuses have jumped onboard. Sounds like a no-brainer.

iFlipd and COED Media are also offering big textbooks scholarships this fall. Follow the Miss COED 2017 contest for opportunities to win $500, $750, $1000 in books!

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