Johnny Depp Cut Off His Fingertip & Used The Blood To Write A Message To Amber Heard

And just when you thought the drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard couldn’t get any worse, surprise! It did.

TMZ has released new photos that they claim show Depp’s finger injury during a fight with Heard. If you want to view the photos, you can do so via TMZ‘s website, but it’s pretty gruesome. You’ve been warned.

The tip of his finger was allegedly sliced off when he smashed bottles and windows and hit a phone against a wall.

Another photo obtained by TMZ shows “Billy Bob” written on a mirror. During the fight, Depp was reportedly accusing Heard of cheating on him with Billy Bob Thornton.


Thornton, however, told People that such an affair did not happen. Heard has also denied Depp’s accusation.

Depp reportedly used his injured finger to write the names in paint. His finger could not be reattached, so a new fingertip was sewn on by doctors using skin from his hand.

People highlighted that back in 2015, Depp had to get surgery for a hand injury.

In short, Johnny Depp has transformed himself into something truly scary and has gone way too far this time.

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