5 Wardrobe Items That Are NOT Worth The Splurge

Let’s face it: Sometimes the $15 option is a better bet than the $100 option. It’s not just financial either. While there are certain fashion items I truly believe women should invest in (see here), there are also items that serve a totally different purpose in your wardrobe.

Yes, a pricey version of something almost always looks and feels better than a cheap alternative, but sometimes that cheap alternative works too. There is nothing fun about falling in love with an item, splurging on it and then realizing you’ll only wear it once. It can happen, though. A lot of the time you’ll be so drawn to some outlandish, fabulous piece that you’ll just have to have it only to discover that fabulousness aside, it’s just not that practical.

There’s a ton of temptation to invest in these five items…. but in my opinion, they’re just not worth it.

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