Viktor Krum From ‘Harry Potter’ Looks Like a Whole New Man

For diehard Harry Potter fans, Durmstrang’s Viktor Krum is known as Hermione Granger’s first romance. Sure, it was short-lived, and obviously not as important as her later love interest Ron Weasley, but let’s give the man some credit here, shall we? Krum is easily one of the most notable characters from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but these days he looks nothing like the Triwizard Tournament player we fell in love with.

Since his wizardly stint in 2005, Stan Yanevski has grown out his hair, gotten a ton of tattoos, and started sporting a serious beard. He more or less looks like a biker babe, which is a look we can get behind. But his appearance now versus when he was trying to win Hermione’s heart is still astounding.

Check out his photos below to see what we mean.

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