10 Travel Instagram Accounts that Will Make You Want to Take One Last Summer Vacay

Sadly, the summer is almost over. But that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in one quick road trip or weekend getaway with your bestie before school is back in session. These 10 Instagram accounts are seriously wanderlust worthy. Whether you hop on one of those $99 flights to Iceland on Wow Air (seriously, that is the best deal ever) or plan a staycation in your own hood, all 10 of these Instagram accounts are guaranteed to inspire you to travel abroad. Take advantage of the last few days of summer break and get on the road or in the air. See the world. Seriously, take a vacay. These 10 Instagram users definitely understand the meaning of YOLO.


Kristin Addis is a travel writer from Southern California and promises to “show you the world.” Her landscape shots are absolutely gorgeous.




Kiersten proves that blondes really do have the most fun. Traveling the world, that is.




Cole is a travel photographer and his nature shots are seriously stunning.




Elise is all about the wilderness. Nature-lovers, this account is a must-follow.




The name says it all.




Daniel is a landscape photography and his ethereal photos will not disappoint.




Chris Burkard’s motto is, “Have camera, will travel.”




Anna is the digital editor at Domino.com and also a “serial wanderluster.”




Clint Johnson has been to over 100 countries. He’s also pretty hot.




Lee is the youngest American to have visited every country in the world. We all want to be Lee.


Now go forth and see the world.

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