Is Katy Perry Teaming Up with Calvin Harris to Diss Taylor Swift on Her New Album?

So far, Katy Perry has released very few concrete details about her new album and has yet to announce an official release date. However, the pop princess did reveal a few exciting tidbits of information, leaving both fans and music insiders to speculation. In an interview with 97.1 AMP Radio, Perry explained why it’s been taking her so long to release a follow-up to her 2013 album, Prism:

“I’m growing as an artist — I’m working with different producers that maybe people wouldn’t imagine me to work with, or different co-writers or things like that. I am right in the thick of it, doing a lot of experimenting and definitely taking some chances with this record. I can take a little time…I think when the music is good, nobody remembers the time it took to make it. Let’s just say that you won’t think of the time when you hear the record.”

Different producers? Experimenting? Could Katy Perry be teaming up with Calvin Harris on her upcoming album?? It’s definitely possible. Both artists have publicly feuded with Taylor Swift in the past and this might be a chance for Perry to finally respond to Swift’s track, “Bad Blood.” A source even told Hollywood Life that Perry’s new album is practically dedicated to hating on T-Swift:

“Katy has so many ideas— she just finished a song about karma and how trying to smear someone’s name can bite you in the butt. Pretty much the entire album is going to be aimed at Taylor, and it will be so obvious who the songs are about. Katy is kind of starting a musical WWIII.”

Further support for the rumor comes directly from the source itself. Perry has already registered a couple of song titles for the album and so far these include “Crocodile Tears,” “She’s So Creepy,” “Last Cry” and “Victory.” Well, that’s subtle. It seems pretty obvious that Perry is going to blatantly bash T-Swift in her upcoming album, though whether or not she’ll be team up with Harris is still up in the air. This could get ugly. Is it wrong that we’re SO excited?

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