Two Georgia Teens were Found Dead Behind a Supermarket & Posed by Their Killer

Natalie Henderson, 17, and Carter Davis, 17, were found dead behind a Georgia grocery store earlier this month, and an autopsy released yesterday showed they were staged by their killer.

Henderson’s body was found August 1 nude and placed in a sexual position, with a feather in her hair and a burn mark on her right big toe. Davis was found alongside of her wearing only shorts, with his arms laying out at his sides. Both were laid on their backs and placed outside of Henderson’s car in a clearing in the woods.

According to a report by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, Henderson had been shot at close range in the right side of the head, with the bullet lodged close to the bottom of her skull. Davis was shot at medium range in the left side of his head, with the bullet passing out through his scalp. However, no bullets or shell casing were found at the scene, but examiners believed the murderer used a revolver.

A sexual assault kit was also prepared for both victims, but the final results remain unknown. Henderson’s genitalia showed no signs of injury.

Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20, is believed to be the person behind these heinous crimes. The autopsy was revealed a day before a probable cause hearing, where Hazelwood was charged with two counts of murder, aggravated assault, theft and financial transaction card fraud. He reportedly stole credit cards from both victims and attempted to use them at a nearby store.

When brought in for his first court appearance earlier this month, Hazelwood was seen shaking uncontrollably and incessantly twitching his head. At one point during the hearing, local news outlets reported that he was also petting an imaginary dog in his lap and wearing what looked to be a wedding ring despite not being married. He was reported to authorities in the past at least eight separate times for various crimes, one of which came from his grandparents, who he lived with at the time of the killings. The couple had reportedly called the police after Hazelwood had taken knives from their gun safe and threatened to hurt people with them.

[H/T: The Daily Mail]

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