Most Men Believe Sexism No Longer Exists

A new Pew Research Center survey revealed that most American men today believe that sexism has ended. The Pew survey states that 56 percent of men in a sample of 4,602 adults, ages 18 and above, believe that the obstacles women face based on their gender have mostly been eliminated.

The survey additionally found that most women would disagree with the men. Of the women surveyed, 63 percent felt that women are still facing more obstacles than men – while 34 percent said that this was mostly untrue.

The researchers then broke down the results by age. The majority of women in every age group agreed that sexism has not ended – while that was the minority opinion for men across each grouping. The survey also found that over 65 percent of Democrats and liberal-minded people of both sexes believe that women still face issues of sexism.

Conversely, 35 percent of Republicans and most conservatively-minded people felt this way.

The survey also looked at registered voters supporting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Of those who support Clinton, seven out of 10 feel that obstacles that make it harder for women to get ahead still exist whereas only 27 percent with this opinion support Trump.

In total, a little over half of those surveyed still believe that sexism “makes it harder for women to get ahead than men,” while 45 percent said these issues “are now largely gone.”

How foolish do you have to be to not see the blatant sexism that runs rampant through this country? I guess we’re going to have to continue speaking up until sexism is fully eradicated – no matter how long that takes.

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