The iPhone 7 Finally Has an Official Release Date!

iPhone 7 Release


September is almost upon us and you know what that means… the new iPhone 7 release is imminent! We’ve got all the details about when you’ll be able to get your hand’s on Apple’s hottest new commodity and what features you can expect.

According to Forbes, the iPhone 7 will be available to order through a pre-sale on September 9th and available to purchase in-stores on September 23. That’s just about one month away!

Rumors have been swirling as to what updates and changes Apple will make to the best selling mobile device, but one thing is for sure … you will definitely be saying goodbye to your headphone jack. Kiss those annoying tangled headphones goodbye! This means you’ll have to save up for some fancy wireless headphones, a point which is creating concerns about a decline in sales among the tech community. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly explained:

“I would argue it is crucial Apple ‘sells’ the loss of the headphone jack as a gain overall by arguing it allows the iPhone 7 to take new, appealing steps forward. These include higher quality sound through the Lightning port, more space for a bigger battery, waterproofing and yes, stereo speakers and (in absence of a design overhaul) the compensation of an upgraded home button and internals.

If such features get chipped away, the loss of a headphone jack in conjunction with a third year of largely unchanged external design set against the backdrop of falling sales could spell trouble and imply stagnation. Yes, sales figures will still be on a scale of ‘trouble’ most smartphone makers would die for but it’s trouble nonetheless.”

Ladies, start saving so you can be one of the first to nab the brand new iPhone 7 this September!

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