‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2016 Spoilers: Season 3, Episodes 6&7

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s that what most consider “paradise” can easily be deemed as “hell” by these people. Tonight the drama continues with episode six — episode seven airs tomorrow on ABC — and new cast members are coming into the mix, while others are eliminated. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:


Tonight’s official episode synopsis is as follows: “A frustrated bachelor continues to deal with the emotional breakdown of his crying ex who is unable to move on from him; four single ladies look to the remaining bachelor wild card for their chance to secure a rose.”

Tomorrow night’s episode sounds just as dramatic: “A bachelor ends his relationship with a fickle bachelorette and leaves Paradise; a popular couple return to Paradise and deliver a date card that stirs up drama for two couples.”

For those who are impatient, we totally understand and have all the spoilers you need to know. For those who prefer the long-awaited episode premieres, turn back now! Before it’s too late.

Now onto the spoilers…

Say Goodbye to Jared Haibon — He’s not Returning


Everything was going well for Jared Haibon until Caila Quinn showed up and made him lovesick. The two struck up a short-lived and drama-filled romance that went down in flames thanks to his longtime admirer Ashley Iaconetti. While Iaconetti was mourning her loss, Quinn revealed her true feelings about their relationship: she has no idea WTH is going on. When Quinn is asked out by a new guy, she takes him up on a double date offer, while Iaconetti tries to move in on Haibon.

According to ABC,

The second double date of the season sends the foursome on a party boat adventure. The physical intimacy is strong for one hot and heavy pair while another disappointed bachelor learns that his chosen date has been thinking about her other suitor and can’t wait to get back to him. Meanwhile, an opportunistic bachelorette takes advantage of her romantic rival being away on the date and makes her move to recapture her dream guy’s heart.

Driven by jealousy, the melodramatic bachelorette uses her friendship to plant seeds of doubt in the unsuspecting bachelor about the woman of his affection. Fed up, the usually collected bachelorette goes to confront the high-strung crier after learning of her sabotaging behavior. The frustrated bachelor tries to mediate between his friend and his love interest but is left wishing that someone would arrive to take the dramatic bachelorette off his hands.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Haibon reveals he’s never returning to Bachelor in Paradise again.

This is my last Bachelor show. Another reason I wanted to go on was because I knew if I went on, this is it. I’m very happy that I went on, and this is absolutely my last show with the Bachelor franchise. Unfortunately, I hate saying that because I love the people that work here. I love coming into this experience and the possibility of finding love on such a grand scale. People say that it’s fake because everything is put on a pedestal and you have these dates that are incredible, but at the heart of it, the connections are very, very real.

Obviously, things don’t work out too well for Haibon in the love department. Sorry, bro.

Several New Cast Members Arrive to Shake Things Up

Each week, previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants make their way to the island, and the newest crew is bound to start some trouble. For the guys, Brett Melnick from Andi Dorfman’s season, Carl King who is also from Andi’s season, Ryan Beckett from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, and Wells Adams from JoJo Fletcher’s season.

As for the girls, we have Shushanna Mkrtychyan, Lauren Himle, Jami Letain, and Tiara Soleim, all of whom are from Ben Higgins’ season.

Rumor has it that the boys get straight to work, with Carl going on a date with one of the twins, Brett going out with Caila, and Wells going after Ashley Iaconetti. Will she ever see past Jared Haibon’s chiseled abs and stellar scruff? We shall see.

A Couple Breaks Up & Ashley Iaconetti Begs to Stay Despite Being Eliminated


People are getting sent home this week, but that doesn’t mean the drama is leaving with them. When Brett Melnick shows up on the island, Izzy is immediately interested, causing sh*t to hit the fan in her relationship with Vinny. According to Reality Steve, Vinny ends up calling it quits with Izzy and leaving the show because of it. Jared, Caila, and Izzy also wind up leaving the show by their own accord. But Izzy and Vinny’s relationship is a major plot point of this week’s episodes.

From ABC:

An enviable couple’s bond is tested when the tempted woman gives in to her attraction to one of the newest arrivals and tells him that he is her ideal man. The shocked bachelor is hurt when he learns that his ladylove is interested in getting to know another guy … The shattered New Yorker sits down to talk with his doubting bachelorette about the state of their relationship after she had admitted that she was attracted to a new arrival. During their tearful conversation, the crushed bachelor reveals how his feelings had been growing but her wandering eye has made it clear that the feelings aren’t being matched, and he feels he has no other choice than to end things between them and exit Paradise. Leaving the weeping bachelorette behind, he says his goodbyes to the rest of the cast.

Sarah Herron, Daniel Maguire, Ryan Beckett and Carl King do not receive roses from anyone and are forced to leave Paradise. The Ferguson twins could have given out their roses, but they decide not to and eliminate themselves. Bummer.

Ashley Iaconetti is also eliminated when Sarah Herron gets the boot, but she begs to come back. The show lets her because we all love Ashley’s signature “ugly cry,” which is so true.

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