Two Irish Women Live Tweeted Their Journey to the UK to Get an Abortion

Two Irish women bravely live tweeted their journey to the UK to get an abortion. The procedure is currently illegal in Ireland unless the woman’s life is in danger. In an attempt to encourage an overruling, these women documented their journey on the account Two Women Traveling, where both of their identities remained anonymous.

The majority of their tweets were directed towards  Enda Kenny, the prime minister of Ireland.

Throughout their story, tweeters proclaimed their support while sharing their own stories.

“Someone very dear to me had to make this trip at 16 years old, on a day like today and I can’t stop crying ,” wrote Harry Bear.

#twowomentravel is so crucial, heartbreaking, and unfortunately necessary. I wish I’d had this absolute bravery when I had my abortion,” a tweeter named Kate wrote. “I’d do it again; My abortion probably saved my life. No panel of adjudicators should get to decide if I mean that.”

“I knew I wasn’t the only person who traveled but stigma prevented us reaching out and finding each other,” Jan Ní Shuilleabhían posted.

Simon Harris, Ireland’s minister for health also showed his support via Twitter, stating “Thanks to @TwoWomenTravel for telling story of reality which faces many. Citizens Assembly – a forum to discuss 8th & make recommendations.”

The women ended their live tweet with a strong note to repeal the eighth amendment, which makes abortion illegal in Ireland.

Here’s to making change happen.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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