This Man Spent an Entire Year Planning His Proposal & It was Amazing

For anyone who’s ever looked for love on Tinder and settled for a lame hookup, we have a story for you.

Josh Schmitz has spent a year planning his proposal to girlfriend Danielle Roesch. The two met in 2014 on Tinder, and after their first date in Chicago, Schmitz knew he wanted Roesch to be his wife. But because he loved her so much, he wasn’t willing to settle for the typical get-down-on-one-knee thing. Instead, he planned an elaborate event, complete with adorable notes that will definitely make you cry.

The 29-year-old heavy equipment manager told NBC Chicago that due to their opposite work schedules, the two don’t see each other much during the week. But to make up for it, Schmitz would leave notes for his girlfriend when he left for work at 4:45 a.m. When he would come home, there would be a note waiting for him.

“It’s always something to look forward to and it’s a part of our routine,” he told NBC Chicago. “I wanted to be able to show her how much I cared about her every day and I wanted to be able to incorporate work into it too because I spend a lot of time at work.”

For an entire year, Schmitz recorded a video featuring himself and a written note starting from August 19, 2015. Once the video was finished, Schmitz had a friend put together a mock corporate event, where he played the 21-minute video. At the end, he asked his girlfriend to meet him at the lake, where he proposed.

“To see the look on her face of that surprise and you could just tell, she’s known how much I love her but I think it really soaked in,” he said. “It’s the first and hopefully the last time I’d want to see my girlfriend cry at something.”

OMG COULD THIS BE MORE ADORABLE?! Check out the full video below. Warning: you’re in for a good cry.

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