Teen Calls 911 After Parents ‘Forced Her’ To Go On Vacation With Them

Family vacations are their own unique kind of hell. Just take a bunch of people who can barely stand one another on a daily basis, then pack them into a smaller space, like a hotel room or a rental house, with significantly less privacy, no alone time and tell them to have fun. That’s how the entire family ends up in a knock-down, drag-out shouting match in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel. And that’s if everything goes well.

Basically, it can be a stressful situation, but when you’re a teenager, a family vacation can quickly become a full-blown emergency. That’s why this Canadian teen called 911 after she said her parents forced her to come on vacation with them.

Ontario Provincial Police received the call for help last Tuesday. The 15-year-old complained that her family had “forced her,” against her will, to come on the trip. While not a conventional emergency, officers did show up to the Toronto rental cottage just to see if everything was okay.

Spoiler alert: it was.

“This appeared to be a case of a teenager being a teenager,” Northumberland OPP Constable Steve Bates told CBC News. “Although she perceived this as a real issue, it was not an appropriate use of 911.”

The girl was given a talk about misuse of emergency services, then sentenced to the worst fate she could imagine: more vacation time with the folks. Sorry kid.

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