Bella Thorne Comes Out as Bisexual After Photos of her Kissing a Girl Surface Online

Bella Thorne has officially announced her bisexuality after photos of her kissing a girl started to circulate online yesterday. The 18-year-old told her Twitter followers about her sexuality after a presumed fan tweeted her “are you bisexual?” Her response was simple: “yes.”

The casual response came after Thorne uploaded photos of her kissing a girl to Snapchat Monday night. The woman in the photo remains unknown, but we have a feeling her identity will be outed sooner rather than later. [Editor’s note: the girl is rumored to be Thorne’s brother’s ex-girlfriend.]

Bella Thorne Snapchat
Thorne received an outpouring of support on Twitter, with fans praising her honesty and IDGAF attitude.

“Yes baby! everyone w [sic] this sort of platform that is open like this makes it easier for the rest of us!” one commenter wrote. “I’m so proud of you for being your true self (‘:” another proud fan chimed in. “DAMN @Bellathorne is one of the coolest girls in hollywood imo This chick is constantly real af. Keep breakin [sic] them social conventions bb,” one tweeter wrote.

In between declarations of heartwarming praise were others looking for a date. “Best news I’ve heard all year lets date,” another said. “I’m ecstatic,” one tweeter exclaimed.

Thorne responded to all of the positive comments with an additional tweet stating, “Aww thank you for all the accepting tweets from everyone. I love you guys. #pride.”

Thorne has yet to comment on her relationship with the unidentified girl in her Snapchat photo.

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