Can Mouthwash Help Cure Gonorrhea? Science Says Yes

When doctors announced early in 2016 that gonorrhea will soon become untreatable, the race was on for finding preventative measures. Despite the bacteria in the STI growing stronger, there might be a simple way of stopping its spread, and it can be found over the counter at your local pharmacy.

Scientists in Australia have been testing whether there is any correlation to mouthwash killing gonorrhea bacteria, according to the Daily Mail. At Monasch University in Melbourne, professor Christopher Fairley has been testing 58 male students with detectable traces of the STI in their mouth and throat. After giving them doses of mouthwash or a saltwater rinse, the professor found that mouthwash led to lower levels of the infection.

This news can not come out at a more important time when gonorrhea and other STIs are becoming more commonplace, and more serious. Teen Vogue says that gonorrhea is developing an antibiotic resistance, thus will eventually become untreatable. Symptoms of this particular STI are often unnoticed, and can lead to infertility in women, pelvic and throat problems and infertility in men. Therefore, the importance to get routinely tested for STIs cannot be over emphasized.

Practicing safe sex is absolutely crucial, so don’t just skimp out on condoms because you have an unlimited supply of mouthwash. As always, use good judgement. And don’t forget to floss.

[H/T: Teen Vogue]

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