Blue Ivy’s VMAs Dress Cost More Than Your Soul

When your parents are Jay-Z and Beyonce, you’re bound to be spoiled. But Blue Ivy’s VMAs dress last night took things to a whole new level.

When Beyonce walked in with Blue Ivy, all eyes were on them, and rightfully so. The ultra chic duo were wearing complimentary sparkly tulle ensembles that literally made them look like angels. It was amazing. To say they were the best dressed couple at the show would be a severe understatement.

Let’s reminisce:

Ugh, stunning. Her dress was designed by elite children’s designer Mischka Aoki and is currently sold at Bergdorf Goodman. But the question remains: how much was 4-year-old Blue Ivy’s extravagant look? Well folks, you’re looking at a price tag here of $11,000.

Yup, $11,000. For a dress. For a toddler. That’s more than my entire toddler wardrobe combined and about 95% more than most would spend on one item.

After watching the VMAs last night, we once again were left wishing to be Blue Ivy. The girl slayed and we’re infinitely jealous of her glamorous, 4-year-old lifestyle.

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