No One Has Ever Been As Excited To Go Back To School As This Adorable Little Girl



It’s here – back to school time. Gone are the lazy days of summer, full of chilling by the pool and drinking heavily no matterย the night of the week. And everyone is miserable.

Except Zoe.

While the first day of school photos my mom tried to take of me were mostly blurry shots of me running away from the camera and throwing my Power Rangers lunchbox to the ground, Zoe expressed all kinds of joy about shipping off to pre-K.

When Zoe’s mom shared the photo on Twitter, it instantly blew up due to its insane cuteness factor.

Seriously?! Even going back to college, where you practically get to live in a town with all your friends and only spend 15 hours a week in class, doesn’t evoke this kind of joy.

And for the record, Zoe was just as thrilled for day two of school.

Hopefully Zoe’s zest for education lasts through June.

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