Chris Brown is the Prime Suspect in a Criminal Assault Investigation

Chris Brown is the prime suspect of a criminal assault investigation, in which a woman claims the singer threatened her with a gun.

According to TMZ, the alleged incident happened early Tuesday morning in LA. The pair were reportedly in a home when an argument broke out, and Brown pulled a gun on her. The woman, whose identity was initially unknown, then called the cops. She is reportedly a beauty pageant title holder and has officially been identified as Baylee Curran.

The case is still under investigation, but Brown is reportedly the prime suspect. The incident comes just two months after he was accused of threatening his ex-tour manager, Nancy Ghosh.

According to TMZ, Ghosh felt threatened after Brown cursed her out during the singer’s European tour. Brown was allegedly in a drug-induced rage and called her countless derogatory names while the two were trapped on a tour bus together. According to the source, he warned her not to get on his bad side. The argument was originally over Ghosh’s employment terms, but it clearly escalated.

Ghosh claimed she felt unsafe and that Brown was “irrational and high on drugs.” She also claimed Brown referenced “what he did to Mike G” and threatened to do the same to her. Mike G was another one of Brown’s former managers, who sued the singer for an alleged beating.


When the fight broke out, Chris was allegedly in the house with several friends, including Ray J. According to TMZ, the two were talking while Ray J. was getting a tattoo when several uninvited guests arrived at the home. An invited man apparently showed up with two uninvited women, who were reportedly asked to leave.

One of the women who was asked to leave is the person who made the initial police report. However, another witness insists that Brown was asleep when the incident allegedly went down. Later, Ray J. reportedly left the house and was handcuffed by police outside. They also seized his BMW. After checking his ID, they let him go but kept his car as evidence.

Police retrieved at least one gun and other weapons from Chris Brown’s home. They also found drugs in a duffel bag he allegedly threw out his window when police arrived. He allegedly taunted the officers, saying “Come and get me” and posted the following Instagram video while the incident was taking place.

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Brown has since been arrested, but was released on a $250,000 bail. The woman claimed she was at Brown’s home for a music video go-see. Ray J has since come out in support of his friend with a controversial Instagram video.

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