This Guy Made His Girlfriend The Most Insane Gift Before Going Off to College

If there’s one thing we’re used to seeing, it’s the endless stream of “crazy girlfriend” stigma stories. Between Jane Park, the 20-something millionaire who made a list of rules for her boyfriend to follow before he headed off on an all-guys trip, and Whitney Travers, who had a similar story without the whole “I’m a millionaire” thing, there’s no shortage of stories involving questionable girlfriends. But thanks to Cosmopolitan, we’re getting a refreshing take on crazy SOs. But this time, it’s the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

Zara‘s boyfriend is heading off to college while she’s still in their hometown finishing up high school. But instead of breaking up with her, like my d-bag older high school boyfriend did before he went off to school, her BF Jasper got crafty and made her an insanely amazing heart-shaped photo album.

No amount of descriptions could do this thing justice. Check it out:


Zara’s tweet has since gone viral, with a ton of people expressing equal amounts of jealousy and admiration.

“This is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever saw!” one commenter wrote. “Thanks for reminding me of my impending loneliness once again,” another added.

And then one tweeter summed up my exact emotions: “I would literally cry for like a month straight if I ever got something like this.”

Excuse me while I go drink an entire bottle of wine and cry myself into oblivion.

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