Selena Gomez is Taking Time Off to Deal With Depression

Just weeks after a public Instagram feud with ex Justin Bieber went viral, Selena Gomez has announced that she will take time off from working to deal with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The singer reportedly felt Lupus-related symptoms during her Revival World Tour.

“I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges,” the 24-year-old told People. “I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off. Thank you to all my fans for your support. You know how special you are to me, but I need to face this head on to ensure I am doing everything possible to be my best.”

Gomez took a similar break about a year ago but reported feeling healthy and confident after having a round of chemotherapy. But according to Kenneth M. Farber, the co-CEO and co-president of the Lupus Research Alliance, “it is not commonly known that depression, anxiety and panic attacks can be side effects of lupus. We are so proud of Selena for taking care of herself and bringing awareness to this sometimes very misunderstood illness.”

A source close to Gomez also disclosed that the time off is in no way related to “alcohol or substance abuse,” and continued to say that Gomez just “hadn’t felt like herself” in months.

“She decided to clear her calendar for the year in order to have this be her priority for future happiness and didn’t want to leave any promoters at bay,” says the source. “She feels relieved that she can now make more sense of why she was feeling the way she was and is optimistic about the future.”

We’re pulling for you, Selena. Feel better soon, girl!

[H/T: People]

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Tuesdays are for Miss COED 2017: Meet School Reps From USF, Syracuse & More
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