Tom Brady’s New Haircut Cuts His Hotness Factor In Half, No Exaggeration

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady. You may know him as Gisele’s husband, the man behind #DeflateGate, and the only reason you can get through football season without your brain melting (or am I the only girl who just doesn’t get football?). Unfortunately, this hottie just got a haircut that looks like it belongs in the ’90s (think Shawn Hunter and Jonathan Taylor Thomas) – and we all know that wasn’t exactly peak time for fashion.

After a press conference Tuesday about something totally irrelevant, everyone was talking about Brady’s new ‘do (or don’t, depending on your personal opinion of the ’90s).

Of course, Twitter had a field day. Check out the best jokes and funniest comparisons on the internet below.

I personally think the Patriots QB looks ready for a turn on the first season of The Bachelor – kid would have done well. However, this is 2016, and that long on top, short on sides thing is having a moment, for better or worse.

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