Rihanna Just Got a Tattoo on her Ankle For Drake

In case you were still on the fence about Drake and Rihanna‘s relationship, RiRi just cleared the air. The 28-year-old singer just got a tattoo for Drake. Yup, she did what you’re never supposed to do when dating someone. Luckily it wasn’t his name, so all is forgiven.

Her latest ink was revealed in an Instagram video posted by Bang Bang NYC, which showed Rihanna’s epic lace-up heels and a piece of tape covering the art.


The tattoo parlor then posted a follow-up picture revealing the ink: a camouflage shark.


Now, you might be thinking, WTF does a camouflage shark have to do with Drake? Well, if you remember that photo Drake posted after the VMAs, the answer would be simple.


Yes people, that’s right — Drake is holding a camouflage shark. In the already adorable Toronto selfie, the couple is holding a shark Drake won for his girl RiRi. A fan was quick enough to put the pieces together.

If you needed more proof that that’s actually what they’re holding, this should help:

And if you’re STILL skeptical that they’re dating after that, we think this photo sums it up perfectly:


Just admit it: Drake and Rihanna are madly in love, and are bound to walk down the aisle and have lots of babies. A girl can dream.

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