Kylie Jenner is Pissed Over ‘Freeze Your Fat’ Lookalike Billboard, Considering Legal Action

Kylie Jenner has a model doppelgänger and is pissed about it.

Both TMZ and The Daily Mail have reported that Kylie Jenner (and momager Kris Jenner) are consulting their legal team after a billboard featuring a Kyle Jenner lookalike appeared in Los Angeles this weekend. Somewhat ironically, the billboard promotes a “Freeze Your Fat” Coolsculpting treatment from, which also features Kylie’s model twin on the top of the site.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star believes that the billboard and online campaign is actively trying to deceive consumers into thinking that she is a big fan of the fat freezing treatment. To be honest, we kind of have to agree with her. The resemblance between the two girls is undeniable, not to mention they share a very similar body type. It has even been rumored that Kylie is especially aggrieved with this particular model because they share so many features, including a very toned tummy which can be seen in Kylie’s latest Instagram picture.

Neither Kylie Jenner, nor her legal team, have yet to make a public comment about the billboard controversy.

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