Labor Day Memes: Funniest Photos & Best Jokes of Labor Day

It’s Labor Day and if you’re anything like us, you’re spending it soaking up these last days of summer with a cocktail in one hand and your computer in the other (online Labor Day sales… hello?!). Some would call it “The Good Life,” we would call it “The Great Life.” Especially when everything is an extra 30% of at Bloomingdales. But before you spend your life savings on those discounted Sam Edelman’s, shouldn’t you at least know why you’re celebrating?


We’ll answer that for you — yes, yes you should. So, without further ado…

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is a public holiday established in 1894 to honor the American labor movement and the contributions its workers made to the country. It’s also unofficially known as the end of summer and the end of wearing white pants. Canada also celebrates their own Labor Day (craftily spelled out as Labour Day) on the first Monday of September, while several other countries have chosen their own dates to celebrate a similar holiday.

Look at that, you learned something! And you didn’t even have to leave your beach chair to do it. Good for you! To celebrate, we pulled together some of the funniest memes, best jokes, and photos about Labor Day. Check them out below. And if you’re still debating, yes, you should¬†definitely¬†get those Sam Edelman booties.

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