Victoria’s Secret Tried to Sell Lingerie as ‘Outside Wear’ and People Are Pissed

Victoria’s Secret is coming under fire after launching a new campaign that suggests it is appropriate for women to wear lingerie to work.

The ads try to sell women on finding ways to incorporate lingerie into their everyday “outside” looks. However, the campaign has been the focus of a great deal of backlash on the Internet and from customers who think the idea of wearing “sexy” clothes to work is sexist and anti-feminist.

Facebook commenters immediately reacted with a firestorm of negative comments:

“No thanks Victoria’s Secret. I’ll buy…you know, actual clothes when I want to go out in public. This must be a man’s idea in your leadership team. What’s next, walking around in our panties?” – Nicole B. “‘How to get fired’ by Victoria Secret” – Stephanie M. “Not a look for outside at all. Unfortunately the teens will think this is ok now. What would you be selling with this look?” – Deborah D.

Twitter was slightly more forgiving:

Either way, the campaign has since been removed from the company’s website.

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