This Woman Proved That Cutting Calories Doesn’t Always Make you Thinner

For anyone who’s ever pushed aside that morning bagel or passed up a happy hour drink in hopes of losing a few pounds, this one’s for you. Fitness blogger Madalin Frodsham recently debunked one of the most prominent health myths out there: if you eat less calories in a day, you will lose weight.

To show her followers what they can attain by actually eating (because you know, it’s kind of important to eat and not starve yourself), she showed what her body looked like when she was eating only 800 calories a day versus when she ate 1,800 calories a day. Then she posted side-by-side before and after photos of herself, and the differences in the photos are pretty astounding.

“Let’s just preface this by saying no, I did not have an ED,” she writes in her Instagram post showing what different calorie intakes can do to your body. “When I was eating 800 calories a day, I thought I was healthy. I was eating healthy food, but hardly any macronutrients. I was curious to find out what my macros were like before I actually started counting my macros, so I entered my old foods into @myfitnesspal to find out. I was quiet [sic] astonished to see how little protein and carbs I was eating.”

She continued, “800 calories seems absurdly low as now I need minimum 1500 calories to be full, but at the time 800 calories was keeping me full because that’s what my body was used to. After a while though, salad simply wasn’t cutting it, and for all the restrictions I was placing on my diet, I simply wasn’t seeing the results I had anticipated.”

When she stepped up her calorie intake, that’s when Frodsham started to see progress.

“If you’re under feeding yourself in an effort to lose weight, don’t do what I did for so long… Don’t waste your time eating salad when you could be eating sweet potatoes and banana pancakes,” she stated. “Eat more and get fit. It actually works.”

Honestly, you don’t have to tell us twice. Not only are we convinced by these photos, but we also hate turning down an opportunity to eat a meatball. Consider us sold.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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