Calvin Harris May Have Just Pulled a Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris just released a new track and everyone is already saying that the song is shading his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. There really isn’t too much open for lyrical interpretation. Harris and Swift very recently broke up and the whole song is about doing things his own way. One of the lines is even, “You were the one thing in my way.” Who else could that be about if it isn’t T-Swift? Take a listen to the song below to hear the not-so-subtle diss. One word of advice to Harris: Be careful, Calvin, be very careful.

Swift fans didn’t take too kindly to the new tune.

While others were more than pleased to see Harris beat Swift to the breakup song game.

The song came as a bit of a surprise to us too since recent rumors suggested that the pair were back on good terms. Harris recently liked one of Swift’s Instagram posts. In the post, Swift sings along to Harris’ “This is What You Came For,” which Swift also helped write. The song led to a lot of drama so Harris liking Swift’s post was reason enough for us to believe that the two were possibly back on okay terms. Harris’ new song doesn’t exactly give us hope for that reconciliation, though. Guess Calvin Harris just wants to finally get over Taylor Swift and go his own way. Good luck with that.

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